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It’s Tax Day! Proud of how Congress spends all that it takes in and borrows more? How should we change D.C.??? #WeThePeople #SickofDC #politics

A guy and his clipboard stay together! And for doubters here’s the legal name change. Petitions available at

If each of you reading this will download ONE petition from and go get 6 signatures from others that are sick of D.C., we will be one step closer to putting another career politician out of business. Join the fight today!
#WeThePeople #SickofDC #politics

We are starting to meet more folks and getting calls from friends around the district that are jumping into fight! Sign the petition, share this post and get Sick of D.C on the ballot today! 5 June is coming soon!
#WeThePeople #SickofDC #politics

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Sick of D.C.