Press Release: For Immediate Distribution

Are you Sick of D.C.? Are you tired of the corruption that follows career politicians? If so, then you have the opportunity in 2018 to do something about it!

Today, there is an immediate call to action for citizens of Alabama’s Third Congressional District! Thomas Sick of D.C. Casson wants to lead a new direction for the Third District and is throwing his hat into the election ring this November. Thomas, a long-time resident of Auburn, will not play insider D.C. games that representatives from our corrupt political parties play. Instead, Thomas Sick of D.C. Casson, a man of integrity, wants to represent your interests, not his own.

His focus is two-fold. First, returning fiscal discipline and basic budget practices to Congress to start erasing the $20 trillion debt that our undisciplined, two-party system has amassed. Second, returning trust and confidence to the process by supporting common sense measures such as term limits and voting from the home district rather than D.C. This eliminates the unhealthy influence of D.C. insider lobbyist groups.

Part of navigating the broken process is simply getting on the ballot. In Alabama, a person outside of the party system needs approximately 5,000 signatures by registered voters within the district. If you are Sick of D.C. and the corruption that follows it, then Thomas needs your help! Please join the movement today at, sign the petition and put Thomas Sick of D.C. Casson on the ballot!

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