Sick of D.C. Is Running For Congress

When Thomas Sick of D.C. Casson first decided to run for Congress for Alabama’s 3rd District, he went to his hometown newspaper, Opelika Auburn News, who published a great article that you can read here. Alabama has been a hot, political topic since the Senate special election held in December gained national attention. This unique story of Sick of D.C. will keep the spotlight on Alabama and the nation even longer. Please share this story and the “OANow” article with your friends and family today!

Follow the link below to read the article by Opelika Auburn News.

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The Ham Story or Why We Accept Status Quo

Let me tell you a story.

There once was a newlywed couple that were going to celebrate their first Easter together, and they decided to have the family over for Easter lunch. So, the wife bought a nice sized ham. She cut the two ends off the ham, put it in the pan, and began the cooking process.

The husband looked at the counter and saw the two ends cut off. He asked his wife, “Why did you cut off the ends of the ham?” The wife said, “That’s the way you are supposed to cook it.” The husband bewildered asked, “Did it say that on the directions?” She looked at him strangely, and said, “No, but that’s the way my mother always did it.”

After enjoying Easter lunch while still at the table, the very happily fed husband looked at his new mother law and said, “I’m so glad you taught my wife to cooks so well. By the way, why does cutting off the ends of the ham make the ham taste so good?” The mother in law just replied, “I’m not really sure. I just know my mother always did that.”

The next time the husband and wife went to see the wife’s grandmother, the husband still curious asked the grandmother, “You know, at Easter I noticed the trick my wife did with the ham.” The grandmother looked a little perplexed and asked, “What trick?” The husband answered, “Cutting the ends off the ham before cooking it.”  The grandmother responded, “That was not trick. I had a small pan.”

I submit that is where we are with regards to the federal government. We are taking what has been passed down to us without asking any questions and thinking if this is the best way to run things. We are just surviving with the status quo. This website is dedicated to asking questions and giving hope to those that have given up.

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Press Release: For Immediate Distribution

Are you Sick of D.C.? Are you tired of the corruption that follows career politicians? If so, then you have the opportunity in 2018 to do something about it!

Today, there is an immediate call to action for citizens of Alabama’s Third Congressional District! Thomas Sick of D.C. Casson wants to lead a new direction for the Third District and is throwing his hat into the election ring this November. Thomas, a long-time resident of Auburn, will not play insider D.C. games that representatives from our corrupt political parties play. Instead, Thomas Sick of D.C. Casson, a man of integrity, wants to represent your interests, not his own.

His focus is two-fold. First, returning fiscal discipline and basic budget practices to Congress to start erasing the $20 trillion debt that our undisciplined, two-party system has amassed. Second, returning trust and confidence to the process by supporting common sense measures such as term limits and voting from the home district rather than D.C. This eliminates the unhealthy influence of D.C. insider lobbyist groups.

Part of navigating the broken process is simply getting on the ballot. In Alabama, a person outside of the party system needs approximately 5,000 signatures by registered voters within the district. If you are Sick of D.C. and the corruption that follows it, then Thomas needs your help! Please join the movement today at, sign the petition and put Thomas Sick of D.C. Casson on the ballot!

For Media and Press inquiries: | (334)758-8429

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