About Thomas Sick of DC Casson

thomas sick of dc casson
Thomas was born Thomas Wade Casson in Mobile, Alabama and raised in Auburn, Alabama. He enrolled at Auburn University in 1989 and graduated in 1992 with a degree in Psychology and double minor in Business.
Upon graduation, Thomas was hired by a local news talk radio station in Opelika, Alabama. He was the host of the Morning Show on WJHO and was the station’s leading sales person for three years. With his engaging and friendly personality, Thomas was able to connect through interviews, with future state representatives, Congressmen, Senators, Governors, and several Presidential candidates. Through the course of hundreds of these guest interviews, his passion for politics was born.
Mr. Casson’s intelligence and work ethic was noticed by former Governor and U.S. Congressional Representative Bob Riley. Thomas served Riley during his first campaign for Congress and on his Congressional staff for three years. Most recently, Thomas competed in his own run for public office as a candidate in the 2014 Republican primary for the 3rd U.S. Congressional District in Alabama. Casson garnered 24% of the vote, but lost the race. Not being finished in the political arena, Thomas created the SickofDC.com entity. Through Facebook and this website, he continues to publish insightful articles, cartoons, and other featured content to educate, entertain and encourage civic engagement. In 2017, Thomas legally changed his name to Thomas Sick of D.C.” Casson to communicate his dedication to the cause of fixing the system and promoting his website.
Outside of politics, Mr. Casson served 12 years in the banking industry as branch manager and business development officer for Charter Bank. He was instrumental to Charter’s entrance in the Lee County market of Alabama. Thomas also owns a consulting business, focused on strategic planning for non-profit organizations. He personally manages the Family Resource Center and Dad’s League” Outreach program headquartered in Opelika, Alabama.
Thomas is optimistic about the future for Alabama and the nation. He is married to the former Lorra Roberts of Columbus, Georgia. Devoted to the care of children, the Casson’s have fostered 30 children and adopted six. Their first child, Anna, passed away a week before her third birthday after a battle with cancer. They now reside in Auburn with their five children aged 12, 10, 7 and twins that are 6 years old.